Visionary Women Leading with Confidence

A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink …

Leadership Zone is committed to developing women in leadership roles. With mounting evidence supporting the claim that businesses do better with women in senior leadership roles, many organisations are formally adopting strategies to support women growing in leadership expertise.

We are looking to work with women who have the desire to create, inspire and drive an organisations vision. Women who are committed to personal transformation and high levels of self-management. Women who understand that the creation of environments of safety, belonging and acceptance of all people are essential elements to any success.

Our commitment to our clients’ personal growth and transformational thinking sets them apart as leaders. Are you ready to step up and answer the call?

Little girls with dreams become women with vision …

Universal truths of female leadership

A quick look back into the history books shows us that there have always been as many wise, compassionate and gracious female leaders as male – Catherine the Great, Elizabeth Fry, Queen Victoria, Indira Gandhi, and Emmeline Pankhurst to name a few. Yet with so many role models and inspirational women going before, somehow our [...]