Leadership Zone Video Series

Watch our video series, led by Leadership Zone Founder & CEO Liz McCoy, as she discusses key topics pertaining to modern day leadership and what it takes to achieve leadership excellence.

The Importance of Visionary Leadership

In this video, Leadership Zone Founder Liz McCoy speaks to the rising challenges of keeping a team focused in a world of distractions. Ultimately, a leader must have the ability cut through a noisy world, and describe a future that people buy into and are highly motivated to working towards. A great vision provides an anchor, and a source of focus and prioritisation.

Developing a Circle of Safety in the Workplace

In this video, Leadership Zone Founder Liz McCoy unpacks the vital role leaders play in the creation of a ‘circle of safety’ in the workplace. To be truly effective and successful, a leader must create a space for employees to feel safe. That is; to be truly cared for – seen, heard and understood.

Developing Your Leadership Language

In this video, Leadership Zone Founder Liz McCoy explores a challenging reality of being a leader…you’re being watched and heard all the time. As such, understanding the way you conduct yourself – in particular the language you choose to use, is critical. Developing responsibility for, and a command of your language is the difference between good and great leadership.

Understanding Drivers – Tasks v People

In this video, Leadership Zone Founder Liz McCoy discusses how understanding people and connecting with them on an emotional level is vital to leadership success. Understanding what drives people and in turn, having an acute appreciation for situational appropriateness is paramount for leading your team and company.

Why Flexibility in Leadership is Important

In this video, Leadership Zone Founder Liz McCoy introduces the concept of ‘Leadership Flexibility’. The inherent but predictable difference between people, mean that leaders must extend and adapt their own behaviours to influence everyone. Gaining an objective understanding of what drives other people, coupled with the ability to relate on their terms (not yours) is part of the journey to exceptional leadership and strategic influence.

How Leaders Build Trust

In this video, Leadership Zone Founder Liz McCoy brings to our attention the necessary skill of great leaders in developing trust and establishing a trusted working environment. Despite best efforts today, one in three employees continue to report that they don’t trust their employer. Before anything else, it is critical to understand what trust looks like, and how leaders can prioritise it’s development it in the workplace.