Shaping Culture by Motivating the Minds of your People

Did you know that 87% of the workforce today is disengaged?

Globally, the average workforce looks like this…







These employees feel a connection to their workplace, the mission and will go above and beyond to achieve success. A disengaged employee has 'checked out'. They may be at work physically, but not mentally. They are not enthusiastic and do the bare minimum to get by. An employee in this category may undermine and act out against the company. They actively look to hamper productivity levels and employee morale.

Studies have shown that disengaged workforces:

  • Consistently underperform
  • Suffer from low productivity
  • Have high employee turnover
  • Have future leadership challenges
  • Are estimated to collectively cost organisations between $450 – $550 billion annually

A business with a disengaged workforce will not survive

Leadership Zone facilitates a quick and powerful way to create organisational change with Engage and Grow – a proven employee engagement and culture program; action-based and neurologically designed to increase profit, productivity and leadership.

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