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Workplace Culture - it can't be that difficult right?

Human beings are pack animals. We live in community. Communities that know how to nurture the essence of belonging – the feeling that as unique individuals, we fit in and belong to the pack – those communities do extremely well! Their members are committed, responsible and hard working people. So why is it that Forbes continues to report that 87% of the global workforce is disengaged? And that 48% of resignations still cite poor workplace culture as a departure reason? Despite knowing the absolute importance of great culture, workplaces continue to struggle.
With her entertaining blend of neuroscience and whimsical human stories, Liz explores ways to enhance your ability to establish the single most important attribute of cultural excellence in the workplace – a culture of safety, connection and belonging. Participants will be guided by three simple, yet effective strategies that fast track participation, partnership and performance at work.

An inspiring and thought provoking discussion that encourages listeners to take immediate action towards developing exceptional workplaces and communities of belonging.

Human Connection – is it really that important?

Despite having the most advanced technology available to us for connecting and engaging with others, we are actually reporting increasing disconnection and social isolation. In fact, The World Health Organisation report that by 2030, depression and it’s associated solitude, withdrawal and detachment, will be the number one health concern in developing and developed countries! Surprised? Alarmed? What is going on?
Be challenged by the powerful insights of a leadership junkie/emergency nurse as Liz explores the neuroscience of human disconnection. Gain a greater understanding around the thinking patterns related to disconnectedness and share some practical tips designed to overcome fear, present a ‘real’ you, and create meaningful, connected relationships with those around you.

An emotional and unforgettable journey into the depths of human connection that stimulates the hearts and minds of its listeners to prioritise human connection in their own lives

Change made easy – what everyone needs to know

Despite being one of the most reliable and consistent things on the planet, many of us remain ill equipped to deal with change. As sure as the sun will rise and fall, change is and will continue to be a part of our lives. So when confronted with the inevitable uncertainty and discomfort that comes with organisational transformation, why is it that so many of us struggle?
In this interactive session, Liz unpacks our brains response to a variation in our environment and shares funny, insightful anecdotes into human behaviours. Participants will learn why human beings fundamentally oppose change, and create strategies of their own to easily maneuver through a transition, and more importantly, help others to do the same.

Drawing together a blend of neuroscience and crazy human examples, Liz leaves her listeners empowered and motivated to face change with a renewed bravado and finesse.

What People Say

Lyn Hawkins
Director, Business Women Australia

“Liz has the rare ability to capture the minds of her audience as she introduces new territories of knowledge, exploring the deeper, more powerful aspects of leadership. Her preparation and delivery is flawless and her content is uniquely thought provoking.

Jennifer Bryant
Director, Business Women Australia

“Liz McCoy is a Leadership Coach who stimulates the very fabric of your thinking about your own leadership style and how to best use it.  Liz gave me valuable insights and guidelines to elevate my own Leadership style and I have found them extremely effective.  I recommend Liz to organisations who are ready to open the mindsets of their leadership team and help them build individual effective performance.”

Kieran Johnson
State Director, Opportunity International Australia

“Liz is one of the most extraordinary people that I have had the pleasure to come across. Her authenticity, vulnerability and desire to see people get the best out of themselves is inspirational. She was a keynote speaker at an Opportunity International event and it was such a powerful night – all who attended were deeply impacted by her heart and knowledge.”

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