Eve of Influence – Introduction

Women in Leadership


The following post is an excerpt from “Eve of Influence: Keys to unlocking exceptional leadership in women”. In this book, Leadership Zone Founder and Director Liz McCoy provides a practical guide to increasing leadership expertise and how to foster the development of compassionate, kind and connected workplaces. Eve of Influence is for the women who are fully committed to their leadership journey.  For women who are willing to go deep, and work on themselves for the betterment of those they influence and guide.

In this post, Liz shares the introduction to book and why now, more than ever we must look to develop a balanced workplace.

If you would like to read the entire book, I invited you to download it here.


Women in Leadership – An Introduction

From Madame Marie Curie to Helen Keller, Amelia Earhart, Jane Goodall and now Jacinda Arden, there’s not a moment in modern history left untouched by the wise, compassionate and gracious influence of female leaders.

Throughout the centuries, women have displayed a propensity for powerful triumph over adversity, unwavering passion for environmental and social justice, along with fortitude and courage in pressing into the unknown.

The proving ground on which we stand right now as female leaders, is built upon the accomplishments of those gone before us.  There can be no doubt that women are inspiring, charismatic and committed leaders.

Yet today, the discussion on leadership continues to be dominated by the need for greater female representation.

We have all seen the reports and listened to statistics underscoring how those companies with greater numbers of women in senior leadership and executive roles, are achieving better bottom line results.

If you are reading this material, I am going to assume that you are, or aspire to be, one of those women making a real, tangible difference.

Before reading any further however, I would venture to stretch your thinking on the subject, and suggest that it’s not our gender that is so desperately needed in our boardrooms.  If you are up for the challenge, then take a personal journey with me in exploring and uncovering what is truly required of leaders today.

This book is for those women who are fully committed to leadership. For women who are willing to work on themselves for the betterment of those they influence and guide. For those women who believe they can mould and shape a better world for us all.

By reading this book, I trust you will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the value you naturally bring to the role of ‘leader’. But even more than that, my desire is that you use this book as a practical guide.

That you use it to help you develop, deepen and strengthen the inherent qualities within you (the ones which sit at the foundation of your call to leadership); for the benefit of those you lead today, the organisations whose visions you realise, and for the communities which will be transformed under your steam.