About Us

Harness the thinking that is unique to leadership ….

Leadership Zone is a Perth based boutique company specialising in the growth and development of strategic leadership thinking. Founded by Liz McCoy, a passionate advocate of values based living, Leadership Zone is a collective of professional coaches specialising in the growth and development of strategic leadership thinking.

We are committed to advancing tomorrow’s leaders and believe extraordinary leadership performance stems from exceptional leadership thinking.

We work with individuals and groups using applied neuroscience and Meta Dynamics™ coaching principles to create transformational thinking, an approach that gives rise to inspiring innovators, generous collaborators and authentically connected teams.

Founder, Liz McCoy introduces Leadership Zone.

Our Team

Our team of Certified Professional Master Coaches are all experts in their understanding of human behaviours. 100% committed to your growth, our coaches guide you on a remarkable journey into yourself. All of our coaches are Accredited Meta Dynamics™ Practitioners, Extended DISC© Consultants, and Members of the International Coach Guild (ICG).

Liz McCoy


Founder and Director of Leadership Zone, Liz has a lifetime of experience in the leadership space and is committed to sharing this knowledge with others. Recognised for her direct and no-nonsense approach, she challenges current thinking patterns and skillfully works with individuals to create ecological and innovative vision for the future. Coupled with her expertise in human behaviour, Liz empowers her clients to become influencers and powerful persuaders in their fields.

Having spent over a decade as part of international executive teams in the healthcare industry, Liz knows a thing or two about building exceptional leaders and outstanding workplace culture. As a mother of four and hiking enthusiast, she brings twenty five years emergency nursing experience to create a platform for understanding people. Fueled by a solid knowledge of the power of your brain to create change and a genuine interest in helping others, Liz has become one of Australia’s top leadership coaches.

She currently sits on the Advisory Committee and Leadership Team with Business Women Australia, and Board Chair at Consumer Credit Legal Services WA. Liz is determined to make a contribution to developing tomorrow’s leaders and fostering the growth of generous, compassionate human beings.

Vanessa Medling


Founder of Inspiring Success, Vanessa is passionate about the role high quality leaders have in positively impacting business growth and sustainability. She is renowned for her calm, caring and compassionate approach, whilst remaining firmly focused on achieving outstanding outcomes.

Sought after for her years of executive level leadership experience, combined with her in-depth understanding of human behavior, Vanessa consults widely with senior leadership teams to build and strengthen their culture and vision. She enables them to improve their leadership skills, enhancing their performance and effectiveness in order to drive improved sustainable results. An avid adventurer who thrives on a fun challenge, Vanessa encourages her clients to step boldly into their leadership roles.

Vanessa has a Bachelor of Business, is a Certified Professional Master Coach and active Board Member with Meta Dynamics™ Associated Limited. As an expert coach and engaging speaker, Vanessa enjoys inspiring and motivating her clients to be a better version of themselves.

Claire Whitelaw Brown


Founder of CWB, Claire believes in nurturing the uniqueness in every client whilst helping them to boldly reach for their most audacious goals. Well known for her highly considered and laser focused coaching, she works with disruptive, trail blazing business leaders to help them accelerate their business and leadership results.

An ex-CFO with over twenty years business experience in the corporate sector, Claire’s attention is now sharply focused towards creating transformational thinking through Meta Dynamics™ coaching methodologies. She safely guides her clients on a journey of self-discovery, which culminates in exceptional leadership thinking. Claire is a passionate traveller, loves her two rescue cats and proudly believes in grit and determination, humility and life long learning as the corner stones to healthy living.

She is a Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA), Certified Professional Master Coach and active Board Member with Meta Dynamics™ Associated Limited. Claire is deeply committed to personal growth and helping others investing in a similar journey.

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