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We are committed to championing the development of tomorrow’s leaders and believe that exceptional leadership behaviours stem from exceptional leadership thinking.

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We work with individuals and groups using applied neuroscience and Meta Dynamics™ coaching principles to create transformational thinking – thinking that fosters the growth of inspiring innovators, generous collaborators, and authentically connected human beings.

Our Latest Thinking

Eve of Influence – Introduction

  The following post is an excerpt from “Eve of Influence: Keys to unlocking exceptional future leaders within today’s corporate women”. In this book, Leadership Zone Founder and Director Liz McCoy provides a practical guide to increasing leadership expertise and how to foster the development of compassionate, kind and connected workplaces. Eve of Influence is […]

Universal truths of female leadership

A quick look back into the history books shows us that there have always been as many wise, compassionate and gracious female leaders as male – Catherine the Great, Elizabeth Fry, Queen Victoria, Indira Gandhi, and Emmeline Pankhurst to name a few. Yet with so many role models and inspirational women going before, somehow our [...]

The Gates are open …

One of the biggest misconceptions in the 2019 business world is that women face unique obstacles in aspiring to obtain leadership positions. Whilst there is no denying that this was once true, businesses today around the globe have made commitments, implemented strategies, and developed pipelines to support women in leaderships roles. In fact, the gates [...]

A Personal Invitation ...

Leadership Zone is a global leadership development consultancy serving boards of directors, C-level leaders, senior executives and the companies they lead.

We believe that everything rises and falls on leadership. This means your level of effectiveness and success will never rise above your ability to lead and influence people.

Leadership is not an exclusive club existing only for those born with leadership traits. The raw materials and principles of leadership can be acquired by any with the desire to grow.

We supply the principles and strategic coaching; you bring the desire.

We invite you to explore your own unique needs in a personal conversation with us. Leadership Zone is led by strategists, growth experts, thinkers, dreamers, and master coaches. If you are ready to move towards advanced leadership thinking, then our customised solution and experienced team may be just what you need.


Liz McCoy

Founder, Leadership Zone